Business model

We aim to provide a seamless connection between our supplier base and our customers.

Our broad range of stocked products, strong digital and technical expertise, and ongoing efforts to provide best-in-class fulfilment means we can quickly connect our customers with the parts and solutions they need to succeed.




Creating demand

  • Strong global supplier relationships
  • Offering choice from leading manufacturers to our own-brand products
  • Latest technologies to hard-to-find products
  • We continue to build insight through technology and innovation e.g. DesignSpark

Over 500,000 stocked products

  • Broad range from semiconductors to tools and consumables; even more non-stocked products
  • Global reach – operations in 32 countries
  • No minimum order size
  • We aim to offer market-leading availability with clear, transparent information on stock

Knowledge and technical expertise

  • Driving continuous improvement in a best-in-class digital offering to help our customers quickly find, choose and buy products
  • High-quality technical data, images and product specifications
  • Leading-edge solutions: DesignSpark design tools, eProcurement solutions
  • Knowledgeable sales teams with increasing sector-specific expertise

More than 44,000 parcels shipped daily

  • Global distribution centre network
  • Customers kept informed throughout the order process
  • After-sales support
  • We constantly strive to provide an industry-leading service, ensuring each parcel arrives on time and to promise

Lindsley Ruth 2017 Half-year Results

Lindsley Ruth, CEO, discusses progress with the Performance Improvement Plan.

From Order to Despatch

The journey of a customer order at the RS Nuneaton distribution centre.


Employees around the world

About our people