Driving value for our stakeholders

Our vision

To become the global provider of end-to-end solutions offering products from mechanical to electronics, powered by technology, innovation and data-led insight.

Strategic priorities

Best customer and supplier experience

We are focussed on excelling at the basics and driving differentiation for our customers and suppliers via innovation and data-led insight.

High-performance team

We are investing in talented leaders to build a results-orientated, customer-focussed, diverse, global talent base.

Operational excellence

We are focussed on continuously improving service and efficiency.


We will introduce new products and solutions for our customers harnessing our digital expertise, data and insight, and take advantage of changing market dynamics and new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Reinvestment to accelerate growth

We will be disciplined in our allocation of strong cash flows between investment in the business to drive faster market share gains and providing attractive returns to shareholders.


Lindsley Ruth 2017 Full-year Results

Lindsley Ruth, CEO, discusses the company’s strategy and focus for the coming year.

Measuring our success

1 million+

Customers in more than 80 countries

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