Understanding our customers is at the heart of our business

The regional marketing teams have a vital role within the organisation - to position us as the supplier of choice across a variety of markets.

A clear understanding of the needs of our customers is key as the teams are responsible for developing the propositions, services, messaging and pricing strategies that are more compelling than that of our competitors, to meet those needs now and in the future.

A broad range of activities within the division - maintenance, direct marketing, eCommerce, communications and analysis - requires a variety of skills at all levels.

eCommerce is our fastest growing channel so there are opportunities to get involved with the management and development of our websites, the planning and implementation of digital campaigns and the analysis of visitor data and behaviour.

If you're keen to take on a challenging role within a lively and fun environment, then there are superb opportunities within eCommerce in the UK, Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.

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