Supply chain

Ensuring our products are in the right place for our customers

Worldwide, we handle more than eight million orders per year and the people who plan supply and demand, pick, pack, despatch and transport our products are the lifeblood of the business. Our success depends on the smooth running of this fast-paced distribution environment.

We have a hugely sophisticated logistics operation with trade counters, warehouses and distributors around the world.

There are opportunities at all levels - from shift workers and managers to supervisors and forecasting and demand planning managers. Responsible for sales, inventory and operations planning, our forecasting team know how to deliver results, creating robust, high quality data and providing analytical support across their regions.

This is a demanding operational environment, where orders are processed and stock is kept moving - and we value people who can achieve the highest standards of productivity, quality and cost.

From Order to Despatch

The journey of a customer order at the RS Nuneaton distribution centre.