People and culture

Together we’re creating a 'Great Place to Work'

At Electrocomponents, we place a strong emphasis on employee engagement and involvement.

Across the regions, we encourage and support our teams, keeping up momentum and helping us create a 'Great Place to Work.'

Some of the best ideas for the business come from our employees, such as 'The way we work', a process underpinned by five clearly defined behaviours. These behaviours are invaluable to the business and they influence and drive the culture of our organisation.

We aspire to achieve them every day of our working lives. Our management and leadership teams are role models, encouraging and motivating others throughout the organisation. We aim:

  • To be customer focused at all times - because our customers are at the heart of everything we do
  • To strive for high performance and to have our achievements recognised
  • To work together towards one global vision
  • To give respect to others because it is our right to expect trust, honesty and openness
  • To be dynamic, innovative and to move forward with pace and agility

As a business, we have a clear vision and strategy and these behaviours will enable us to achieve that strategy through our best asset - our people.

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