Rewards and benefits

Creating an environment where we feel valued, recognised and rewarded

We want you to work in a place where you are clear on what to do and how to work - and where you feel valued, recognised and rewarded.

Because when you feel valued, you feel good about your working life, and that means that as a global organisation, we can concentrate on beating our competitors and continuing to deliver great service for our customers.

'My Reward' is our Total Reward Strategy, and it truly encompasses every benefit and positive aspect of working for Electrocomponents.

We listen to what our employees say so that we can ensure that the benefits we offer are truly appropriate to them. To support this, we regularly ask our staff to complete feedback sessions, and the results of these underpin our continuous improvement strategy.

The scheme is constantly evolving in response to both feedback and physical change, and this ensures that we continue to offer the right support for our diverse population.

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