Our business practices

Promoting integrity and compliance

We are strongly committed to being good citizens.

  • Driving accountability and transparency to engender integrity and compliance.
  • Working with and positively influencing our supply chain to meet high ethical standards.

The Group's Code of Conduct, 'Our Standards', sets out the high ethical standards of behaviour to which our people are expected to work. It covers gifts, hospitality and donations, fraud, trade compliance, competition law, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, conflicts of interest and respect for employees.

Information Security

We work to proactively keep information safe, including employee, customer and supplier data, and performance and business information. Our Information Security programme helps ensure that all employees are aware of the risk of not protecting information.

Compliance training

We provide training on compliance and to improve awareness and understanding of ‘Our Standards', with a particular emphasis on anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

We have a zero tolerance approach to all forms of bribery and corruption. Our Anti-Bribery Policy applies to all businesses and employees within our Group to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations governing bribery and corruption in the countries in which we operate.

EU Market Abuse Regulation

Our processes have been updated to take account of the EU Market Abuse Regulation, which covers the management of trade information together with share-dealing restrictions and disclosure requirements for Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility (PDMRs) and insiders.

Human rights

Our respect for human rights is implicit in our employment practices; the rights of every employee are respected and our people are treated with dignity and consideration. We recognise freedom of association by allowing our people to establish and join organisations of their own choosing without our permission. We also recognise collective bargaining where required by local laws.

View our Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

Our employment practices are designed to attract, retain, motivate and train people and to respect their rights. We give fair consideration to applications for employment from disabled people as well as their training, career development and promotion. Where appropriate, facilities are adapted and retraining offered to any employee developing a disability whilst employed. We comply with relevant employment legislation and regulatory obligations.

We actively promote two-way communication and operate a whistleblower policy, Speak Up, which is managed by a wholly independent third party.


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