Engaging with universities to develop future engineers

RS Components has established a university partner programme, RS University, to help develop and work with the next generation of engineers.

A number of universities around the world have already signed up, including Hertfordshire in the UK, ESIEE in France, Republic Polytechnic in Singapore, and HKUST in Hong Kong.

Under the programme, local RS teams work closely with department heads and educators, providing practical support as part of a long-term commitment of cooperation that benefits both the university and RS. The support, tailored to the needs of each university, includes:

  • Training and support for the use of RS design tools, including DesignSpark PCB and DesignSpark Mechanical, in the curriculum of relevant courses
  • Early access to specific design tools and prototype teaching materials
  • Opportunities to develop teaching materials
  • An annual allowance to spend on components and development boards from RS
  • Grants that can be allocated for prizes, scholarships, projects, and events
  • Closer links to industry in the university’s region through introductions and events
  • Internship opportunities for students to gain valuable experience at RS
  • Student discounts on RS purchases

In addition to the partner programme, RS works with around 100 universities across the UK, such as Coventry and Sheffield, while Allied Electronics works with local universities in North America.

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