Our people

We value the commitment and hard work of our people

We value our people and foster a culture that embodies our Group behaviours.

We want to build a Group where our employees work together as one global team with one global vision, inspire trust amongst each other through openness and honesty and drive superior standards of professionalism. Our aim is to encourage accountability and continuous improvement while nurturing an innovative attitude.

We are committed to 'Building a Great Place to Work' and believe that we can attain this if we cultivate engaged employees who live by our Group behaviours. We recognise that developing their skills, motivation and teamwork is key to achieving our strategic objectives and are committed to helping them reach their full potential.

Employee engagement remains key to our business and we regularly measure our progress through employee surveys. Following our first global employee engagement survey, My Voice, in 2013 we established a governance structure to address the concerns raised and drive activity across the business. Our second My Voice survey in 2014 had an 85% response rate and an increase of 3% in engagement scores, indicating that we are building confidence with the plans we have in place and actions taken to date.

We are committed to a policy of equality and apply the same criteria to all employees regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity or any other factor that could be the cause of discrimination. Our aim is to embed diversity and inclusion within the business.

We want to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce, as well as drive a culture where people feel able to give their best, and where their views, opinions and talents are respected. We provide training and personal and professional development opportunities to equip employees with the necessary skills to carry out their roles and to provide career growth opportunities and job satisfaction.

We actively promote a culture of two-way communications and regularly communicate business performance and key developments to employees.


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About our people


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