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YearTitleHTMLPDFIndividual pages
2013Half-yearly Financial Report 2013  (587 Kb) 
 Investor Factsheet 2013  (3.8 Mb) 
 Annual Report 2013 (Year ended 31 March 2013)    (6.3 Mb) 
 Notice of Annual General Meeting  (842 Kb) 
2012Half-yearly Financial Report 2012  (255 Kb) 
 Annual Report 2012 (Year ended 31 March 2012)    (5.10 Mb) 
 Notice of Annual General Meeting  (772 Kb) 
2011Half-yearly Financial Report 2011  (196 Kb) 
 Annual Report 2011 (Year ended 31 March 2011)    (3.2 Mb) 
 Notice of Annual General Meeting  (606 Kb) 
2010Half-yearly Financial Report 2010  (148 Kb) 
 Annual Report 2010 (Year ended 31 March 2010)    (3.5 Mb) 
 Notice of Annual General Meeting  (214 Kb) 
2009Half-yearly Financial Report 2009  (412 Kb) 
 Notice of Annual General Meeting  (139 Kb) 
 Annual Report 2009 (Year ended 31 March 2009)  (2.3 Mb) 

Some of the documents are in PDF format. In order to read this format you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the Reader installed on your computer you can download it free from the Adobe website.