Introduction to DesignSpark

2017 Full-year Results

Lindsley Ruth, CEO, discusses the company’s strategy and focus for the coming year.

DesignSpark is a design ecosystem that RS Components created that enables innovation for engineers.

DesignSpark is a community of hundreds of thousands of engineers from all around the world, in fact 200 plus countries. Here you can download free-of-charge software design tools, read technical data and development resources, and you can create reviews about the latest products and share knowledge.

So DesignSpark tools are free and easy to use for all engineers. They’re easily accessible through and we also offer a whole range of libraries that go along with the tools to save engineers time and money.

DesignSpark PCB is our award-winning electronics design software used for schematic capture, PCB layout and rapid prototyping.

For 3D design we have DesignSpark Mechanical, the first of its kind to be made available free-of-charge. It allows users to quickly create and modify 3D designs and is ideal for concept creation and rapid prototyping with the use of 3D printers.

DesignSpark Electrical is for electrical system design engineers and it’s ideal for designing control panels in industrial environments.

Together our free tools create a rapid prototyping environment for engineers, enabling them to create designs much faster and get quicker to market and save them money at the same time.

We took some of our guys from our community and we created a project for Mattel Toys to send Superman to the edge of space and back, and we used DesignSpark PCB, DesignSpark Mechanical and lots of components available from RS.

Mattel asked us to replicate the world’s highest skydive by Felix Baumgartner at the time and we used one of their Superman action figures. We cut him open and we designed a circuit board to fit inside him with a tracking unit. We then created a capsule which we put another tracking unit into, and we 3D printed up some mounts using DesignSpark Mechanical to design them to hold all the cameras to capture the event. And what we did then is we put a large weather balloon on the top of it, and we went down to Ross-on-Wye and we launched him up to about 39km high, and then we released him and tracked him all the way back down to Earth on the radio transmitters and retrieved him.

So the Superman project was great fun to do, but what it actually showed was how versatile our tools are. Our tools are used by students, learning to be engineers of tomorrow, right through to professional design engineers in large corporate customers.

2017 Full-year Results: Interview with Lindsley Ruth, Chief Executive Officer

Lindsley Ruth, CEO, discusses the company’s strategy and focus for the coming year.

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