RS Pro Interview: Kurt Colehower, President, RS Private Label

2017 Full-year Results

Lindsley Ruth, CEO, discusses the company’s strategy and focus for the coming year.
Why has Electrocomponents created a Private Label division?

The Private Label business really represents a very important part of our growth as a company, going forward. It is now really becoming a strategic pillar of how we look at growth opportunities for Electrocomponents in total. That’s really been driven by the acceptance and adoption of private label products in the B2B world and that’s something that we really want to take advantage of at this point by formalising our offer.

The other thing that we see is we’ve got an opportunity to really create a choice for customers and a win-win option for our suppliers. So as a distributor it gives us a unique position to be able to offer something to both customers and suppliers that we believe is going to take us into the future.

What is the strategy for Private Label?

So the strategy for Private Label is to create one single identity around the world that allows customers to have a choice where quality and performance meet price to create exceptional value, and that is RS Pro.

Going forward we really do expect to expand the range globally, looking at opportunities to fill out our products in Asia, the US, the UK and Europe, very specific to the needs of those customers. This will allow Private Label to become a key differentiator for the business.

What benefits does the RS Pro range provide?

The RS Pro range includes 40,000 high-quality, high-performing industrial products and electronic components that really do cut across all of the product categories that we serve today. To give our customers complete confidence in our products, we’ve created the RS Seal of Approval. The RS Seal of Approval is really comprised of the standards, audits and tests that we put to the products we put our label on, and that gives our customers the utmost confidence in the quality and performance of those products.

So the RS Pro range gives us an opportunity to work with our suppliers and bring a win-win value proposition to them. With our range, we can work with them to cover product categories and families in a way that allows them to do it completely with a trusted partner.

What is the future for Private Label?

So, very exciting. The future for us in Private Label really is an open-ended opportunity to work with our customers and our suppliers to identify products that we can introduce around the world and allow us to continue to fill out that value proposition.

In the future, RS and Allied will be our primary distribution partners and channels to market around the world. But going forward, we will be looking for new opportunities to work with other partners to reach customers that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

I am very excited to take this forward and make a great success out of RS Pro.

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