Supply chain

Our award-winning supply chain offers a truly competitive edge to our business

Our supply chain provides a superior service to our customers and suppliers.

We are building a world-class supply chain and have already introduced a completely new approach to global supply chain planning and logistics.

This incorporates the implementation of changes and improvements to nearly all of our systems and processes, including:

  • Moving from a local country approach to a regional and ultimately global supply chain structure
  • Increasing network optimisation and efficiency
  • Improving engagement and forecast sharing with key suppliers

As a result, we have increased the introduction of new products from 5,000 per year to 5,000 per month.

We have also reduced total supply chain costs and have seen a marked increase in customer satisfaction as shown by our increased TRI*M customer satisfaction scores, which are now close to being in the top 10% of all supply chains across Europe.

In addition we have made considerable savings through the specialisation of our distribution centres across the world and the re-tendering of our freight partners.

From Order to Despatch

The journey of a customer order at the RS Nuneaton distribution centre.